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Hannah the Okayish Witch

Hi there! My name is Hannah, I am a disabled illustrator, author and witch from the UK.
You will find a lot of cute, vibrant drawings of animals, nature and witchcraft, in a cute cartoony style. Bright colours and adorable art bring me a lot of joy, and hopefully you too!


I started Okayish Arts, now Okayish Witch, back in 2018 after having my daughter and being diagnosed with the disability fibromyalgia. Due to being unable to go back to work I decided to pursue my passion once and for all.

Art and illustration have always been a love of mine, as a child, most of my time was spent drawing and creating whatever possible, so being able to pursue this now is magical.

Recently finished a witchcraft themed children's book called 'Gaia the Green Witch', a rhyming story about a witch learning the green witchcraft path; it mixes magic, science and holistic health, then ties it together with fun rhyming sentences. 

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